Q: What we do and why we do it?

ENCOD fights for fairer drug policies respecting the rights of users, providing information and education. Our approach is threefold: societal, informational, and regulatory. As for societal, we offer support to the various European initiatives that protect the rights of people who use drugs and who organise actions and campaigns to highlight violations of these rights. Next to that we offer educational information and ideas related to drugs to the general public and to institutions through our various broadcast channels. Finally, ENCOD positions itself within the European dialogue, joining roundtables, to promote just and effective drug regulation in and around the EU.

Drug prohibition should be replaced by a rational and balanced approach as the only sensible way of reducing drug related problems. Ending the war on drugs will improve the living standards of hundreds of millions of people, while significantly diminishing one of the major income sources of organized crime.

Q: How can I join ENCOD?

You can become a member and help us fight the war on drugs. As our common language is English, you should be able to communicate both oral and in writing. Any other additional languages welcome – we are a European organization, so many languages needed.

You should also be able to use common tools and platform in the internet, like email, skype, etc.

You find the membership form and the rates and different types of membership here.

Q: How can I become an active member – how can I help?

There are many possibilities and we need a lot of help:

  • translations
  • assistance at fairs
  • contact with your local politicians
  • inform civil society
  • graphic design
  • filming and/or video editing
  • you name it!